Plastic Injection

Injection molding gives product designers

Automotive and Autobike mold

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Printer and Electronic mold

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Die casting mold

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Prototype mold

Produce resin prototype parts with a .

Jig & Fixture

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One Stop Service

One-stop service helps customers reduce management time, control product quality. Since then improve business efficiency.
Our competitive advantage is the ability to provide full service from design - processing - mold try - mass production - printing to semi-finished assembly.
At each process, the stability of product quality is ensured by machinery and equipment from Japan as well as a team of skilled technicians.
The implementation of package services also contributes to improving quality stability, reducing inventories, reducing waste and shortening delivery time.


Competirive Price-24h Quotation-Short Leadtime (QCDS)

Competitive price
Up to 30% cheaper with Japanese quality!
If you want to reduce the cost while maintaining the quality, leave it to us. We are Vietnamese engineers and craftsmen who have experience in Japanese companies but deliver Vietnamese prices. First of all, please request a quote.

Quotation within 24H, quick response.
Viet Chuan production department operates 24 hours a day to meet the urgent needs of customers.
When you need a quote, send us your information, we will respond to quotes within 24H. To ensure the fastest delivery time but cheapest price to our customers, please download our quotation request form and fill in the information and then send it back to us via email.
In addition to requesting a quote, we need 2D and 3D drawings in igs or stp format.


Quality & Schedule Management

Viet Chuan has invested heavily in the Total Quality Management system. The quality of mold is well managed from Purchase-Design-Production to Finising process. Our technical staff has in-depth knowledge to provision and prevent quality issues to ensure products released with perfect condition and meet customer expectations.

During mold development process, Plastic Injection Production Engineering staff, Mold Designer, and Mold production work as a team to determine key points to ensure that mold will be up to standard so mass production can be implemented reliably and stably.


Technics & Perfomance

We understand that the design contributes its core value to quality and convenience when customers use molds. Therefore, we focus on optimizing the mold structure so that the mold is always reliable when being used, reducing plastic injection time (cycle time) and mold parts that are easy to process and replace during mass production.

In terms of 3D-designed molds, CAE program analyzes the flow thoroughly to ensure the product quality, and with the aid of mold designers and CNC machining programmers, it maximizes mold quality, plastic product quality, processing efficiency, and convenience in the process of assembly, finishing as well as trying at customers' factories before transferring drawings and machining programs to CNC parts for processing.


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