Competitive Price-24h Quotation-Short Lead-time (QCDS)

Competitive price
Up to 30% cheaper with Japanese quality!
If you want to reduce the cost while maintaining the quality, leave it to us. Vietnamese engineers and craftsmen who have experience in Japanese companies will deliver at Vietnamese prices. First of all, please request a quote.

Quotation within 24H, quick response.
Viet Chuan production department operates 24 hours a day to meet the urgent needs of customers.
When you need a quote, send us full information, we will respond to quotes within 24h. To ensure the fastest delivery time but cheapest price to our customers, please download our quotation request form, fill in the information, and then send it back to us via email.
In addition to requesting a quote, we need 2D and 3D drawings in igs or stp format.

Short lead-time
Mold manufacturing flow from prototype to delivery
Up to T0
30-60 days
We will inform you the progress every week.
Up to T1
The 7th
Delivered within 3 days by airmail after T0. At the same time, we will create a "Quality Control Report" and make improvements toward T1.
T1 → T3
7 days (for each process)
By T3, we will communicate with customers and complete it.

7 to 10 days
Shipped within 3 days after receiving the final OK. It will be delivered in 7-10 days by sea.