Automotive and Autobike mold


Automotive and Autobike mold

Mold is an important factor to manufacture an Automotive and Autobike

Plastic parts account for a very large proportion of the detail of a car or a motorbike and the demand for plastic parts is increasing day by day with advantages as below:

  1. Beautiful appearance
  2. Lightweight (The use of plastic can reduce the weight of parts by about 40%)
  3. Easy processing (Plastic is easy to molding parts to produce complicated shapes)
  4. Material fee cost low
  5. Easy to do 2nd process such as Painting, Printing, Etching, Nickel-plated…

Therefore, at the moment, plastic parts use about 25% of total item in Vehicle and Autobike. This percentage will increase in near future, especially when Hybrid and fully-electric vehicles demand growth.

Actually, plastic parts play a vital role in the production of Cars and Motorcycles.

Consumers are increasingly interested in the user experience, so the accuracy of the parts is increasingly enhanced to ensure that the details when assembled have no gaps.

We manufacture many kinds of mold using in Automotive and Autobike:
i. Lighting System Part mold: Housing(ハーウジング??)Lens、レンズ、インナーレン、ブラケット、エクステンション(Extention).
ii. Air Ventilator Plastic Mold: Air Cleaner, Air Funnel, Case A, Case B, Air Filter, Joint Upper, Joint Lower, Resonator, Cap, DS Body, DS Duct, Dirt Air Duct, Pipe, Tube A/B, Element Air
iii. 内緒部品(Inner par)- Upper Board, Lower Board. Lid Lower, Mask, Fin, Guide Inter Cooler, シリンジトレー, Box luggage, Armrest Box, Cap, FR Pocket, Cup Holder, Lid Jack, Shroud, Battery Cover, Ring Lower, Flap, Lid, Pocket, Etc Mask
iv. Outside Automotive Components: Cover Luggage Side, Cover Side, Cover Handle, Cover Main Pipe Side, Cover Center, Otto Board, Mien.
v. Exterior (Handle R・L Out, Cover LR Base, Mirror Housing, Case Gear, Base Outer, Mirror MVC, Skull Cap, Seat Base, Cover Base, Fr Door Trim, RR Door Trim, Granish Back Door, FR Door Scuff, RR Door Scuff)
vi. Interior components: Cup Holder, Lid jack, Seat Base, Braket Head Rest, Armrest Box, Lock Switch, Open Switch, Open Button, Map Lamp Braket, A Pillar Patch, Flange Trim, Plate Roof,C Pillar Patch, Lid Glover Box, Lock Llover Box Braket, Wireless Charger…
Cover LR Floor Side - PA66 G25
Mold size: 500x600x500 / 2 Cavity
Steel: 2344 ESR / Gate:
Lead Time: 40 working days