Die casting mold


Viet Chuan manufactures die-casting molds for aluminum, zinc, magnesium, brass, etc. from 0 ton to 0 ton. We realize high quality and short delivery time based on our integrated production system that performs all design, manufacturing and processing in-house and our experience of manufacturing performance of 〇 type and cumulative 〇 type per year.

Corresponding mold
① Aluminum die cast type
② Magnesium die cast type
③ Zinc die casting type
④ Squeeze die casting type
⑤ Gravity type
⑥ Low pressure casting type
⑦ Other various mold production
⑧ Parts production by large processing machine

From small precision parts to large parts
We have established a production system by introducing a variety of high-tech equipment to support all types of molds. We have a lineup of large-scale manufacturing equipment in a dedicated factory, and are equipped with a technological environment that allows us to manufacture a wide range of products from small precision parts for office equipment to large parts such as missions and cylinder blocks.

High quality and quick delivery
Technology that faithfully finishes intricate shapes such as three-dimensional curved surfaces and deep objects with elaborate designs. Then, we consistently perform material selection, machining and polishing, and promise a speedy start-up that meets the customer's request.
In addition, highly accurate mold matching has been well received, and all processes are controlled to improve customer satisfaction based on the quality management system that has acquired ISO9001 certification.

Production record
Automotive related transmission case/cylinder block 1650ton-2500ton
Computer-related HDD case 135ton-350ton
Home appliances/OA equipment Inverter cases/TV frames 350ton-800ton
Construction/machine escalator step 2500ton-3500ton