Prototype mold


Prototype Mold

Produce resin prototype parts with mold in short delivery time and connect to the mass production process

Shorten development lead time by specialized technology for prototype molding and in-house production system
We have built a production system in the same factory so that the flow from mold design to trial mold manufacture/molding can flow smoothly, minimizing the mold movement that occurs between molding trials and mold modification. It is also quick, accurate, and possible to correspond. Depending on the shape, it can be done from prototype design to molding trial in as little as one week. Besides, significant cost reduction could be achieved by using a general-purpose mold base
By generalizing the mold base according to the in-house standard, the material and manufacturing period have been significantly reduced. Since we have about 30 kinds of general-purpose mold bases, the manufacturing period and cost are greatly improved compared to the case where individual dedicated bases are manufactured. Moreover, short piece delivery is possible with aluminum pieces that are easy to process
The prototype die is made of an aluminum alloy that gives top priority to workability. Aluminum alloy has abrasion resistance and can be welded by modification and adjustment, so it has superiority in cutting, electrical discharge machining, and finishing, and can support mass production in small lots. Depending on the product shape and molding material, steel materials may be superior, so we select and propose the optimum mold material from various conditions such as delivery time, lot number, purpose of trial production. We also support hybrid manufacturing of steel and aluminum alloys. Furthermore, insert molding is possible even at the prototype stage.
It is a molding technology that inserts the insert product in the mold in advance, closes the mold, injects the resin, and forms a composite part in which the resin and the insert product are integrated. Higher strength and durability can be expected compared to molded products in which inserts are inserted and mounted after molding. Since no assembly work is required, costs can be reduced. By introducing a vertical injection molding machine suitable for this technology, we have created high quality and high precision products.
Proposal for optimization of prototype manufacturing
We aim to reduce development lead time and costs by achieving both high precision and short delivery times. This could support a smooth transition to mass production phase.
We at Viet Chuan are responsible for checking and examining design information such as data provided by customers and proposing optimal prototype methods.
To optimize the entire prototype manufacturing from various conditions such as material, manufacturing method, accuracy, and delivery time, we make proposals regarding processing and design while actively supporting customers' new product development.
Viet Chuan will contribute to the manufacturing of customers with the latest and highest technology and service as the No.1 partner in prototype manufacturing in Vietnam.