Technics & Perfomance


Technics & Perfomance

We understand that the design contributes its core value to quality and convenience when customers use molds. Therefore, we focus on optimizing the mold structure so that the mold is always reliable when it is being used, reducing plastic injection time (cycle time) and mold parts that are easy to process and replace during mass production.

In terms of 3D-designed molds, CAE program analyzes the flow thoroughly to ensure the product quality, and with the aid of mold designers and CNC machining programmers, it maximizes mold quality, plastic product quality, processing efficiency, and convenience in the process of assembly, finishing as well as trying at customers' factories before transferring drawings and machining programs to CNC parts for processing.

With considerable experience in machining programming, we can process very high luminance for the lamp parts and ensure absolute machining accuracy in the size chain required by customers.

Not only do we invest in high precision and modern machines from big machinery companies such as Makino, Moriseiki, but we also focus on training outsourcing personnel. From training in cutting tools, cutting mode, understanding of mold structure to standard working thinking. The quality is ensured thanks to the continuous QC process and a sense of compliance with the military level of the operator.
The entire process of controlling progress, productivity, and quality has been digitized to increase reliability, information interaction and reduce operation time.
From the overall plan to each department's plan and finally to each employee's plan are all linked by the software, making the implementation and monitoring becomes intuitive and evidence-based.
Work coding system, error coding system, and detailed coding help systematize information, thinking, and actions for all participants in the production chain from purchasing, manufacturing, quality, and sale process.